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Kids Sleep Protocol


We care so much about children that we created a line of supplements just for kids called Little DaVinci. These condition-specific kids’ supplements address health issues that worry parents the most.* Find out how to make your little ones calmer, healthier, and happier.

sleep tight

/per day

The highest level of sleep support in the rapidly absorbed liposomal liquid format. Melatonin can support the deepest, most restful sleep and set the stage for a great following day!


/per day

Liposomal L-theanine, the relaxing component of green tea, provides brain balance and support the ability to focus quickly. L-theanine spreads its love to kids, their parent and even their teachers!

fizzy mag

/per day

This great tasting, effervescent magnesium delivers a highly absorbed form of magnesium to support the relaxation response, sleep cycle and brain health, to name a few- we can’t name them all as magnesium is critical for hundreds of reactions in the body!


/per day

Great tasting honey-lemon lozenge to support the immune system, brain development, sleep cycles and even iron absorption. Simple, yet profound!


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