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If your kids are like most modern children, they probably spend a lot of their after-school hours playing soccer, basketball, baseball, or other sports. They might exercise too hard and hurt their muscles or joints. Your child’s joint or muscle discomfort may also stem from other causes. Sometimes, it’s growing pains or a fall in the playground. It’s heartbreaking to see your children crying after they take a tumble or when their joints don’t feel their best.* It’s frustrating for both ofyou when they have to sit on the sidelines during an important sporting event.Little DaVinci’s enz-flame™ kids combines powerful ingredients that support muscle and joint comfort.* The botanicals, enzymes, and other ingredients in this great-tasting, orange-flavored drink mix soothe your child’s muscles and joints.*It’s easy to mix in to food or drinks or slip it into a smoothie. Your little bundle of energy will be back in top form again soon.*

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