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The combination of CO2 extracted perna oil and DMG is a patented combination (US Patent 7229646), geared toward supporting healthy joint and immune function.*

Perna Oil: The Ultimate Omega Fatty Acid Source

Perna canaliculus (New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel) oil provides key building blocks to support the structural integrity and maintenance of joints, ligaments, and tendons.* Perna canaliculus is a sustainable, edible species of mollusk from New Zealand. Research over the past 20 years shows that the Perna mussel contains a combination of natural components that benefit joint dysfunction, which is not provided when
these components are isolated.* The perna oil used in this formulation is a highly concentrated, CO2 extracted oil, containing a complex of 30 different fatty acids, more than
any other omega fatty acid source in the world. The synergy of these fatty acids has powered positive clinical outcomes in clinical trials for the past three decades.

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