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When seasons change, things get miserable around your house. Whatever the reason, your kids are hit hard. Their eyes get red. They sneeze and sniffle. They can’t sleep because their skin itches. They’re frustrated and irritable. That’s why Little DaVinci created skin and sneeze*. It’s a product that supports a healthy immune response in kids.* And its main ingredient comes from a surprising source.

There’s a type of egg protein that can work wonders on respiratory health.* The Ancient Chinese first recognized its health-promoting properties.* Much later, a doctor began noticing that farmers who raised the type of bird that produces these eggs were healthier than other people in the area. A spouse of one of the farmers had less shortness of breath. What type of bird makes these eggs? We’re talking about a specific subspecies of Japanese quail with powerful effects.* Supplementing with quail egg protein may support the ability to breathe more regularly through the nose after being exposed to common sneezing triggers such as grass and tree pollen, dust mites, and dog and cat dander.* Supplementing with Japanese quail egg may also support the immune response to better regulate histamines within normal ranges to reduce incidences of things like watery eyes and itchy noses.*

The quail egg protein found in Little DaVinci’s skin and sneeze* contains ovomucoids. These proactive proteins help maintain a healthy immune response.* How? By blocking potential invaders before they can activate immune cells. Many harmful foreign bodies contain protease enzymes. When these enzymes are inhaled, it spells trouble for tissues. The ovomucoids found in quail eggs stop these enzymes in their tracks. This in turn helps keep the immune system strong and healthy.* Even more good news: it doesn’t cause drowsiness, so your child will stay alert while taking it.

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